Mel’s murder suspect claims motive was robbery

Mel’s murder suspect claims motive was robbery

Mel suspect 1 Mel Susupect 2 suspect 3The suspect arrested in connection with the murder of journalist Mel Gunasekara has claimed that he entered the house with the motive of  robbing  the place, Police Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana said today.

The suspect Samson Joseph Anthony, 39 was brought to Police Headquarters today. The suspect, from Dompe had worked in Ms.Gunasekara’s house as a painter prior to the Christmas season.

The suspect has reportedly told Police that he thought the family would have gone to church and had unexpectedly confronted  Ms Gunasekara who was at home. A sharp instrument had been used to stab the journalist and at least six injuries were observed on the neck of the victim. The suspect claimed that he had come alone for the robbery.

Soon after the murder he had changed his clothes with Ms Gunasekra’s brother’s clothes and escaped.

SSP Rohana said that the availability of video footage captured from a CCTV from an adjoining house helped to trace the suspect. Ms Gunasekara’s phone too was recovered from his house.


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